In helping students discover and develop their perceptions of the visual world around them, the Art Department helps students develop an integrated Christian personality characterized by wholeness. By helping our students work with the process of creation, we attempt to instill within them an appreciation and reverence for their Creator.

The Art Department also attempts to help students develop a method of critical judgment by which they can evaluate visual works of art and visual phenomena in the world around them, and by which they can ascertain how these phenomena promote or inhibit a life characterized by wholeness.We seek to instill in students a knowledge and appreciation of the Western intellectual, cultural, and religious heritage, as well as the intellectual, cultural, and religious heritage of those parts of the world with which we in the West are coming into contact more and more frequently. In addition, our department attempts to help students develop a more sensitive awareness of the world and society in which they live and work by teaching them how their decisions and manipulations of the visual world can either promote or inhibit a life characterized by wholeness.

Why Should I Study Art?

  1. Smaller class sizes - Class sizes generally range from 10-20
  2. More individual advisement
    • You’re not just “a number”
    • Students are required to meet with their advisers every semester to discuss schedules and progress (but WILL work with them much more frequently)
  3. More “face time” with faculty. - Faculty will get to know you by name (who you are and what you are like as a student and as a person); Faculty are advisers and mentors to students.
  4. Faculty experience - All of our full-time faculty have worked in the Graphic Design or Studio Art fields at one time or another and all of our full-time faculty continue to be productive in their fields.
  5. Facilities - Our state-of-the-art Graphic Design Computer Lab has been designed to enhance and maximize the learning process. The students learn by doing. As the students work at their computers, they can see what the professor is doing as his computer is projected on a large screen in the front of the room