Our Facilities

Our labs were renovated in 2010 and are equipped with new high-quality, state-of-the-art resources to ensure the best learning and research environment possible. In addition to the changes in the main science building, our Biology department just finished renovating an on-campus building that will house more labs; the focus of that facility will be in Earth Science and Physical Science.

Biology Lab

The anatomy and physiology (A & P) lab was completely renovated in 2008 and includes 6 stainless steel necropsy (dissection) tables. Each table has a down-draft ventilation system that is vented to the outside of the building, a sink, a wand to wash down the table, and a garbage disposal. One of these tables is fully adjustable and handicap accessible. The lab also contains a walk-in refrigerator for specimen storage.

The microbiology laboratory was completely renovated in 2008. The room is equipped with numerous incubators, a biosafety cabinet, and all materials and standard laboratory equipment needed for a 21st century microbiology lab.

Our animal tissue culture facilities have two laminar flow hoods, four inverted, phase-contrast microscopes, CO2 incubators, liquid nitrogen tank, and an Olympus IX71 research, inverted fluorescence microscope with camera and computer.

In biochemistry, introductory and advanced cell biology classes, and molecular techniques we use the following for protein purification and analysis: eight low-pressure column chromatography set-ups, two HPLC machines, eight Ocean Optic ultraviolet and visible (UV/VIS) spectrophotometers, and one Sorvall high-speed centrifuge. We also have equipment for performing Western blot analyses to include: 8 horizontal BioRad mini-gel apparati with blotting set-up, 8 horizontal gel apparati, trans-blot modules for protein analysis, vertical electrophoresis PROTEAN cell units, and two power supplies. Students can use a state-of-the-art a LI-COR 4300 DNA analysis system with photo documentation system for analyzing gels and blots, gel-drying apparatus systems, and other standard laboratory equipment (pH meters, Metler balances, water baths, stir plates, hot plates, heating blocks, 8 P-1000, 8 P-200, 8 P-20 Eppendorf pipetters, orbitron mixers, and vortex mixers.