Our Faculty and Staff

The members of the faculty of the Department of Biology strive to be one cohesive group of excellent teachers and scientists. Our love of teaching, our genuine concern for our students, and our ongoing commitment for the betterment of our students is foremost in all our efforts to ensure student success. We fully support the mission statement of Campbell University to graduate students with exemplary academic and professional skills who are prepared for purposeful lives and meaningful service. Each member of the Biology department team strives to be the best teacher they can be for the sake of the student, for Campbell University, and for our Lord Jesus Christ.


John G. Bartlett, Associate Professor - [email protected]
(Ph.D., Wildlife Ecology, 1999, University of Maine)
Dr. Bartlett's research interests involve satellite imagery of land cover changes related to human activities, and the effects of these changes on bird species abundance. Dr. Bartlett teaches Ecology, Zoology, Ornithology, Introduction to Biological Research, and Vertebrate Natural History.

Karen Guzman, Professor - [email protected]
(Ph.D. Biochemistry, 1989, North Carolina State University).
Dr Guzman's research interests are cell differentiation and specialized functions. She is also interested in the application of bioinformatics to answer biological questions. She teaches Cell and Molecular Biology, Introduction to Biological Research, Bioinformatics, and Microbiology labs. Dr. Guzman serves as co-advisor of the Walker Biology Club.

Mark L. Hammond, Professor - [email protected]
(Ph.D., Genetics, 1990, University of South Carolina).
Rapid DNA sequencing is Dr. Hammond's area of expertise. He holds patents in sequencing techniques which he developed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory where he fulfilled a two-year post-doctoral appointment. Dr. Hammond held the position as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for over ten years and is now the Provost & Vice President of Academics at Campbell Univeristy.

J. Christopher Havran, Associate Professor - [email protected]
(Ph.D., Environmental and Plant Biology, 2008, Ohio University).
Dr. Havran's research interests lie in the areas of plant physiology, island biogeography, and molecular evolutionary processes in plants. He teaches Botany, Plant Physiology and General Biology.

L. Michael Larsen, Associate Professor and Chairman - [email protected]
(Ph.D., Zoology, 1995, North Carolina State University).
Dr. Larsen's research interests lie in the area of freshwater and estuarine algal blooms, zooplankton community ecology, the effects of agricultural runoff and turbidity on aquatic ecosystems, and other water quality management issues. Dr. Larsen teaches a variety of environmental science courses including Introduction to Environmental Science I & II, Environmental Toxicology and Aquatic Ecology. He is the Coordinator of the Environmental Sciences minor and co-advisor of the Walker Biology Club.

Sharon Mason, Assistant Professor - [email protected]
(DVM, Ph.D, Pharmacology, NC State University)
Dr. Mason is an assistant professor of Biology at Campbell University.  She attended North Carolina State University where she earned both her DVM and a PhD with a concentration in pharmacology.  She had also earned a MS at the University of Florida in Forensic Toxicology.  Dr. Mason worked at FARAD (the Food Animal Residue Avoidance and Depletion Program) for several years where she provided safety information to veterinarians treating food animals.  Dr. Mason has published several peer reviewed articles and book chapters.  She continues to perform applied research to advance veterinary medicine.  During the summers Dr. Mason works part time in clinical veterinary medicine to maintain her veterinary skills and keep abreast of .concerns in the field of veterinary medicine.

Michelle L. Thomas, Associate Professor - [email protected]
(Ph.D. Microbiology and Immunology, 1996, West Virginia University).
Dr. Thomas’ research interest is in the virulence mechanisms of microbial pathogens and characterizing new species of bacteria in environmental microbial communities. She teaches General Biology, Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Techniques. Dr. Thomas serves as co-advisor of the Pre-Med/Allied Health Honor Society.

Debora J. Weaver, Associate Professor - [email protected]
(Ph.D., Biology, 1991, University of Maryland - Baltimore County).
Dr. Weaver's research interests are in the biochemical reactions that bring about cellular function. In particular she studies the signal transduction pathways that bring about vision, and the reactions bringing about programmed cell death in a kidney cell-line in response to albuminurea. She teaches Biochemistry, Advanced Cell Biology, and Cytology/Histology.

Claudia M. Williams, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences - [email protected]
(M.S., Animal Science & Veterinary Physiology, 1978, University of Georgia).
Prof. Williams' research interests are in canine health issues. She chairs a canine health committee and screens grants from the Canine Health Foundation. She teaches Human Anatomy and Physiology, Developmental Vertebrate Anatomy, Advanced Human Physiology, Biomedical Ethics, Animal Physiology, and Physiology seminar.

Taek H. You, Associate Professor - [email protected]
(Ph.D., Molecular Genetics, 1995, Ohio State University).
Dr. You’s research interests are protein engineering of microbial toxin (Bt toxin) and its application to crop plants for pest management. He is also interested in genetic engineering for medical and industrial application, to include biofuels from microalgae. He teaches basic Biology, Microbiology lab, Biochemistry lab, Genetics, and Molecular Techniques. Dr. You serves as co-advisor of the Pre-Med/Allied Health Honor Society.


Angel Osman, Administrative Assistant - [email protected]
Mrs. Osman serves as administrative assistant for the Department of Biological Sciences. She is happy to help you with any questions you might have about our programs.

Jacqueline Tylka, Laboratory Manager - [email protected]
(M.A.T., Secondary Education, 1990, Miami University; B.A., Biology, 1985 Wittenberg University).
Ms. Tylka oversees both majors’ and non-majors’ biology laboratory instruction and curriculum. She also helps coordinate the lab safety programs throughout the Biology department.