Chemistry & Physics

The Department of Chemistry and Physics seeks to graduate chemistry and biochemistry majors that are well qualified to enter a chemistry or biochemistry related vocation, graduate school, or professional school.

Do you love experimenting with chemicals and studying the reaction? Do you enjoy digging deeper and researching what's beyond the surface? Do you have a passion for science and an eye for details? Are you looking for a place where you can succeed in and out of the classroom, get hands on training, and feel at home with your professors and classmates? Chemistry at Campbell is right for you.

Why Should I Study Chemistry?

  1. Small class and laboratory size. Class size can be anywhere from 30-90 students in the first year to 10-20 in upper-level classes. Lab sections have 20 students or less
  2. Professors are available. Professors have an open door policy and are always eager to help students. It is our number one job to make sure that our students are prepared in and out of the classroom.
  3. Courses are challenging and rigorous. Students get experience that will prepare them for life after college.