Our Student and Alumni Success

Our students have been awarded summer research and internship opportunities. Recent examples include:


  • Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program participants
  • “Studies of Proteins Involved in Cell Signaling” – University of Kentucky
  • “Investigating Janus Nanoparticles” – West Virginia University


  • “Interaction of Radioactive Waste with Microbes” – Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Scholarship and Internship: GlaxoSmithKline Women in Science Scholarship
  • Student Grant: NC-American Chemical Society Undergraduate Research Grant: $1500 for Lead analysis in toys

Recent Graduates (2012):

Stephen Holland – working at MSH Validation, Inc.- Validation Engineer

Brittany Lackey – Statesville Police Dept. – Investigations intern.

Ben Dyer – University of Penn – Cell and Molecular Biology – PhD program

Giovanna Preston – Joining Army


Our graduates have been successful. Below is list of notable positions or post baccalaureate institutions where our alumni currently endeavor.

  • Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at Wooster College in Ohio
  • Physics Instructor at Campbell University
  • Chemist at GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical company
  • Chemistry Laboratory Manager at Campbell University
  • Staff Attorney for Legal Aid of North Carolina - Pembroke NC.
  • PhD student in Chemistry at Texas A& M University
  • PhD student in Biochemistry at Yale University
  • PhD student in Forensics Sciences at Boston University School of Medicine
  • PhD student in Chemistry at University of South Carolina
  • PhD student in Math at Clemson University
  • PhD student in Pathology University of Alabama Birmingham
  • MS Student in Chemistry at North Carolina State University
  • MS Student in Chemistry at University of North Carolina in Wilmington
  • MBA student in BioSciences Management at NCSU
  • Medical doctor and neurosurgery resident at Wake Forest University
  • Two medical students a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Pharmacy student at Campbell University
  • Pharmacy student at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill