Opportunities & Resources

Why get involved with Criminal Justice?

1. Our Faculty -  Our faculty comprise a wide range of expertise, teaching experience, and interests.  Having earned multiple academic degrees, they have been well-schooled in the discipline.  Additionally, they possess personal experience honed on the front lines--on the street, in courtrooms, prisons, or juvenile centers. We also charge ourselves with the responsibility of performing rigorous and thorough advisement of each student to ensure they get the courses and the support needed to succeed.

2. Experience and Success - Our Criminal Justice major gives students a strong education that prepares them for many different careers and future opportunities.

3. Department Interaction -  The department sponsors different clubs, organizations, and/or honor societies to facilitate bringing our majors together professionally and socially.


Opportunities to Get Involved


Internships are required. The department's internships, which are open to all its majors, constitute one of its special features. With the state capital, several county seats, and many small towns within an hour drive of the campus, interns continue their studies at Campbell while working for one of a wide variety of public officials or governmental bodies including city managers, county commissioners, district attorneys, state senators, and more. Many students complete summer internship in places as a law office near their hometown, a state museum or historic site, or in the Washington office of a member of Congress. For those wishing to spend a semester outside North Carolina, Campbell's Washington-based American Studies Program offers four months in our nation's capital. During that period interns take four seminar courses stressing various aspects of domestic and foreign policy and gain first-hand experience of Government by working as an aide to a member of Congress, doing research in a think tank (e.g., Institute for International and Strategic Studies, Heritage Foundation), or serving in one of the agencies of the federal government.

D.C. Trip

Criminal Justice majors have a unique opportunity to travel with instructors to Washington D.C. where they will visit the Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial, the Museum of Crime and Punishment, the White House, the Supreme Court, Congress, the FBI, DHS, the National Mall and Arlington Cemetery.

Study Abroad

A special study abroad program in London has developed from criminal justice majors. Students study the justice system in Great Britain and visit Parliament, the Supreme Court, City of London Police Museum, Clink Prison Museum, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and many of London’s other attractions. Three hours of course credit is given for four weeks of study abroad.