Events & Activities

Through the Mabel Powell English Club, Sigma Tau Delta, and the Lyricist, the English Department hosts many student activities, such as poetry readings, movie nights, scavenger hunts, and trips to printing presses. English majors are also represented in campus-wide events, such as the Street Fair and the Homecoming parade. Charity works are emphasized, with the various English clubs and organizations visiting elderly care homes, raising funds for women’s shelters, running book drives, and participating in Relay for Life.

The English Department is featured in many academic events, both at Campbell University and the state at-large. English majors David Cassady, Justin Bradley, Ashley Jordan, and Lora Deming all presented papers at Campbell University’s 2013 Academic Symposium. The BigSURS 2013 Conference also featured the following papers by Campbell University English majors:
• The United States of Milton: Milton's Influence on Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and the American Revolution by Lora Deming
• Ben Jonson: The Religious Aspects of "On My First Son" by Olivia Henry

BigSURS 2013 Conference Pics

2013 Academic Symposium Pics