Majors & Minors in English

Read the PDF Program Brochure for this program.

General English Major

  • English with Teacher Licensure
  • English Pre-Law
  • English

Minor requirements:

21 hours of English beyond the core requirements to include:

  • ENGL 410 (Shakespeare)
  • ENGL 409 (Chaucer) or ENGL 411 (Milton)
  • 15 hours of electives from the ENGL 300 and 400 level offerings


Current concentrations offered by the Department of English all require a completed major in English, but differ in their use of electives. These concentrations include the following:

  • Bachelor of Arts with a Major in English - The traditional English major allows/encourages students to seek additional courses in English to increase the depth and breadth of their preparation (e.g., for graduate school); to select a minor/second major to complete their special interests; or simply gives students an opportunity to expand their curiosity/interests through free use of their electives.
  • Bachelor of Arts in English with Teacher Licensure - Seeking licensure requires the student to complete the School of Education’s Professional Education Sequence of courses. These courses will prepare a student to teach in North Carolina’s public and private school systems.
  • Bachelor of Arts in English with a Pre-Law Track - The Pre-Law Track focuses students’ elective credits on writing courses and government courses in preparation for the rigorous requirements of law school.