Our Student and Alumni Success

Recent Graduates (2012):

Kristin Pursley, Span. HS teacher at Harnett Central

Alma Fernandez, applying to law school

John Bowman, Financial Analyst Edwin Jones

Franchesco Fickey, Grad School UNCW applying to law school



Samuel Dail

"I am working on a masters of public health and I'm beginning medical school . . . my minor [enabled me] to translate at the Merci clinic, which is a free clinic for the uninsured in New Bern, NC." 

Aaron Frey

"First year medical student, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Blacksburg, VA.  [I am] attempting to obtain a residency in neurosurgery.  Majoring in Spanish has allowed me to continue my foreign language studies at Middlebury College's Summer Language Program (Summer 2006 and 2007) and CV Starr Campus in Madrid, Spain (Spring 2007).  I have used my Spanish language skills in prehospital and hospital settings as a medical interpreter and bilingual EMT and surgical assistant.  Being exposed to the language and culture of other countries has allowed me to grow personally by examining my own beliefs and actions through the perceptions and values of different global communities."

Millie Campbell

"I am employed with Harnett County Schools as a Spanish teacher for Triton High School.  I am interested in pursuing my masters degree and even looking into trying to become Board Certified as well.  I use Spanish whenever possible.  For example, when someone who doesn't speak English needs assistance I am often called upon to translate for the school where I am employed."

Molly Overholt

"I start working on a masters degree in industrial/organizational psychology in a few weeks at ECU.  This will focus on how psychology relates to business in terms of hiring and improving human relations within a company.  Many in this line of work do private consulting, so you never know if in the future I will be put in contact with somone who communicates better in Spanish."

David Priddy

"I am a youth pastor and a divinity school student at Campbell.  I read Spanish novels for fun, and occasionally use it in dialogue."

Dora Aguilar

"I'm currently studying the GMAT so that I can receive my masters in Business Administration.  I feel more comfortable speaking to Hispanics of various nationality, because I feel I have a stronger foundation in regards to communicating in Spanish.  I did have difficulty deciphering and completely understanding the differing Spanish pronounciations that each Hispanic ethnicity brings to the table.  I feel my ear has become stronger in deciphering the different pronounciations and making sense of them.  Whether I'm in a personal, academic, or professional setting communication is key.  The Spanish courses I have taken have given me a great stepping stone to not only be more comfortable with hearing different pronounciations of Spanish but I feel more at ease talking to other hispanics."

Tiffany Cagle

"I'm a few weeks into my third year at UNC School of Medicine.  My Spanish minor has been invaluable with the large number of Spanish speaking patients in our state who need better access to healthcare.  While UNC has great interpreters, being able to communicate directly with the patient in his or her native language really helps build rapport and makes the patient feel more at ease."

Justin Tilghman

"I'm the Emergency Management Planner for Lenoir County and am currently working on my masters in Safety, Security, and Emergency Management at Eastern Kentucky University.  I have used what I learned at Campbell in other countries on church missions, I have translated documents for various companies, and translated for various law enforcement and public safety agencies in assisting with investigations, search and rescues, and other projects.  My major helped me to be able to relate to the Spanish speaking community and gain a respect for the culture which has proven invaluble over the past few years since Campbell."

Josh McKinnon

"I am in Indianapolis in my second of four years of residency in Internal Medicine/Family Medicine.  I use Spanish almost every day!  Althought I would not consider myself fluent, I am certainly conversational and it has been a huge help in my line of work."