Majors & Minors in Foreign Language

Read the PDF Program Brochure for this program.

Foreign Languages Majors


To acheive a major in Spanish, the student must complete the following: SPAN 201, 202, 221, 222, 231, 232, 241, 242, 305, 342, and 342. Examples of courses that Spanish majors would take include: Survey of Spanish Literature, Composition and Conversation, Survey of Spanish-American Literature, Spanish Phonetics and Pronunciation, and Spanish Civilization. 

Spanish w/ Teacher Licensure 

The requirements for those majoring in Spanish and who seek to gain licensure to teach schools are the same as above but with the following additions: SPAN 400 (Methods and Materials of Romance Language Teaching) and the completion of licensure requirements of the School of Education. 

Minor in Spanish

A minor in Spanish requires 18 hours beyond the elementary level. All language courses above 202 assume that the student has completed through 202. 

Other Language Opportunities

German, French, Portugese and Latin are offered to fulfill GCC requirements. Greek is taught through the Religion department.

The Spanish department currently offers two courses for students who wish to pursue a career in the medical fields and the justice system.  SPAN 313, "Spanish for the Justice System," and SPAN 311, "Medical Spanish (Part I & II)," train students to use their Spanish language skills in a professional setting and offer opportunities for students to interact with professionals in the law enforcement and medical fields. There is also a Spanish elective course for Heritage Speakers

Plans for the future include the addition of a minor in German.