Our Faculty

Dr. Rene Ibarra, Assistant Professor of Spanish received his MA and PhD at Texas Tech University in Spanish with an emphasis on Latin American Literature.  Dr. Ibarra's area of specification is on the New Historical Novel and the Narrative of the Mexican Revolution written in the last forty years.

Dr. Tiago Jones, Associate Professor of Spanish and Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages – MA & PhD UNC-CH. Dr. Jones also has certificates in ESL from the University of Cambridge, England and in Hispanic Studies from UNC-W. He taught 3 years at Chowan and 4 at the University of Puerto Rico before coming to Campbell 8 years ago. Dr. Jones has been involved in directing the Costa Rica programme and has been the Catholic student advisor. He and his wife and seven children are closely involved with their Catholic church.  Dr. Jones finished a book length translation entitled, Religious Persecution in Mexico.  His most recent publications include an article on the conservative leader of Portugal, Antonio Alazar, and a book length translation Activism in the Americas.

Dr. Ann Ortiz, Associate Professor of Spanish – MA University of Arizona, PhD Spanish American Literature, UNC-CH, Co-Director of the College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program. Dr. Ortiz also holds a teacher licensure. She has taught at Campbell thirteen years and was at Wake Tech before coming to us with her DPI expertise. Dr. Ortiz is active in the community through her musical recitals and civil war era reenactment activities. She is married to Paco Ortiz, a civil engineer and has two grown children, both of whom are married. Dr. Ortiz plays the organ at her local church.  Dr. Ortiz recently presented at the NC Museum of History for the Society for the Histories of Discovery.  She is also involved with the writing of new standards for the NC Foreign Language Standard Course of Studies for the Public Schools.

Dr. David M. Steegar, Professor of French- MA University of Ohio, PhD French, University of Toronto. Dr Steegar has been at Campbell for over thirty years. Before joining Campbell he had been a consultant with an international grant writing firm and then taught at Duke University for 6 years. He has been a member of the Lillington Arts Council for many years as well as being active in the local Rotary Club. He sings in the Choir at his local church and has chaired many committees at Campbell. His three daughters are all grown and two have recently married.  Dr. Steegar is currently researchinig the European Union and France's role in it.

Dr. Brian Thomas – received his MA at the University of Chicago and PhD in German and Philosophy at Duke University.  Dr. Thomas has been with us for five years. He is currently teaching German and Latin. He completed his certification in Latin at the University of Wales.

Ms. Ashley Bizzell teaches Spanish and has the MA from The University of Illinois.

Ms. Georgia Betcher teaches Spanish and has the MA from The Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Mr. David Joo teaches Spanish and has the MA from The University of South Carolina.

Dr. Hilda Salazar teaches Spanish and has the MA and PhD from Texas Tech University.

Ms. Katie Sinclair teaches Spanish and has the MA from North Carolina State University.