What is our goal?

We commission future Army officers strong in character, committed to Army Values, with the skills, abilities, and knowledge to provide quality leadership to our Nation’s active/reserve component Brigade Combat Teams and Support Brigades


  1. "Campbell University’s ROTC program separates itself from other programs with its commitment to its Cadets and constant work to ensure the success of all future leaders trained in this battalion." - Eric Prange, Class of 2011
  2. "I chose Campbell’s ROTC program not only because of this programs reputation for excellence, but also because my mom commissioned from Campbell’s ROTC program in 1997, I saw first-hand what a successful program it really was." - Ashley Murray, Class of 2010
  3. "I chose Campbell’s ROTC program because I knew there was no other place in the Country where I could find the dedication of Cadre. They pushed me to my limits and beyond. As I tackle the tasks ahead I now know there is no task too great."  - 2LT Eric L. Moton, Infantry Officer, Class of 2009