Majors & Minors in ROTC

Read the PDF Program Brochure for this program.

No major or minor within the Military Science Curriculum. We currently have Cadets in most of the majors at CU including: Criminal Justice,  Homeland Security, Political Science, Mathematics, Pre-Pharmacy, Biology and Exercise Science.


There are no concentrations. Our success is measured by each Cadet’s success as a future leader. Cadets are required to complete 18 credits in Military Science and 3 credits in Military History. They must do this while maintaining a minimum 3.0 cumulative gpa in Military Science Course and a minimum 2.0 gpa overall.


ROTC offered internship opportunities each summer. Usually three to five Cadets take advantage of the internships each year. The internships last from four to six weeks and can be performed on any military installation, worldwide. The students choose their internships in accordance with jobs they hope to be trained for in the future. It provides the m an opportunity to work in a desired branch before they make their final choices. The Cadets work as trainee level management. They are responsible for 10 to 30 Soldiers and several vehicles and weapon systems.