Theatre Arts

The mission of our Theatre Arts program is to:

Involve students in the creation of theatrical productions that promote individual responsibility, cooperative effort and artistic excellence while extending the limits of students’ creative and intellectual experiences.

Relate theatrical training to the student’s whole life experience by providing a supportive, challenging and personalized educational environment that prepares students for professional careers and graduate study.

Integrate the Christian faith with our creative process by enjoying the exercise of our gifts and by exploring the human experience with integrity, and a sense of God’s grace.

Enrich the cultural and aesthetic experience of our campus and community by producing theatre that exhibits both artistic integrity and sensitivity to community values while reflecting diverse worldviews and encouraging thoughtful response.

Why Should I Study Theatre Arts?

  1. Like the University, the Department of Theatre Arts takes a liberal arts approach to education. We do more than simply train you to do certain tasks. We make sure that you gain a broad base of knowledge and experience in all areas of theatre.
  2. The skills learned as a Theatre major serve students well whatever they choose to do – even if it seems to have nothing to do with theatre. In addition to practical theatre skills like acting and scenic construction, students learn how to: present ideas confidently and convincingly; work cooperatively with large and small groups of different types of people; approach and solve problems creatively; meet deadlines; serve their community; and many other “life skills” that employers look for. Far from simply knowing how do one thing, our graduates are able to function as thoughtful, valuable members of their community and their profession – whatever that might be.
  3. The size of our department provides ample production experience as well as regular, direct interaction with the faculty – both in the classroom and in rehearsal.