MS in Clinical Research Online

MS in Clinical Research Online

The Online MS in Clinical Research (MSCR) degree is designed to expand students understanding of clinical research including drug development and clinical trials. Clinical research is defined as the study of a drug, biologic, or device in human subjects with the intent to discover potential beneficial effects and/or determine its safety and efficacy. Our program focuses on contemporary clinical research methods geared toward the development of new and improved therapies and diagnostics. Students take specific courses in data management, statistics, managing and monitoring clinical trials, regulatory affairs, and physical and clinical assessment, just to name a few. In addition to our exceptionally qualified full-time faculty that have extensive experience in clinical research, the department also employs many adjunct professors currently working in the pharmaceutical industry. The professional experiences of the full time and adjunct professors allow for classes to be tailored to meet the growing needs and changes within the field of clinical research.

To meet the growing demand for working adults interested in our program, the Department of Clinical Research has developed a completely online program. The online program offers our students greater flexibility and time management to accommodate the professional and personal demands of our students. Our program can benefit students in all walks of life, ranging from working professionals, students in other professional educational programs, as well as individuals desiring to enhance their employment opportunities. 

Online Education

The online classes in the MSCR program are specifically designed for collaboration and interaction with peers and faculty. Each online class will host a variety of both interactive and independent learning formats so as to best meet the varied learning needs of our students. Examples of collaborative formats include group projects, discussion boards, presentations, synchronous class sessions, webinars with guest speakers, real-time access to students and faculty via online classrooms or chatrooms, and peer review of assignments.

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Elevate Your Career

According to Clinical Today, the clinical research field is expanding more quickly than ever, and students with a background in clinical research are in high demand. The MS in clinical research program equips students with skills in critical thinking so that they will be prepared for careers in education, industry, medical, and research settings. CPHS offers an option to pursue dual degrees in PharmD and MS in clinical research. The expected job outlook is strong for MS in clinical research candidates, as an anticipated 20,100 jobs in the field will open between 2008 and 2018.