Frequently Asked Questions

MS in Clinical Research Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to attend classes on campus?
No. The MSCR degree is an exclusively online program.

Will I be able to attend an Orientation?
Yes. The program provides an interactive online orientation, in which all incoming students are required to attend, one week prior to the beginning of each semester. The orientation has been designed to provide information to ensure you will be a successful online learner.   It is embedded with activities which model the types of assignments you will utilize throughout your online coursework.   These activities will familiarize you with the technologies and resources available to you as you pursue your academic goal as well as offering the opportunity to meet your peers in a virtual setting.

What are the requirements for admission?
We recommend prospective students have a 3.0 GPA and score in the 50% percentile on the GRE.  Additional requirements may be found at MSCR Admissions.

Is this program available for international students?
For more information regarding international student status, please follow this link: MSCR Admissions.

What is the academic course load for graduate students?
The program may be pursued either full-time or part-time.  To be considered full-time, students must be registered for at least two (2) credit hours per academic term. Each academic term is 8 weeks in length.  Courses are offered every 8 weeks during the following academic terms; Fall I, Fall II, Spring I, Spring II and Summer.  For more information, please visit our MSCR Courses and Descriptions.

Will I have to complete a thesis?
To earn your MSCR degree you will complete a research project based on your therapeutic interest. You may choose to work independently or with a partner and will be assigned a faculty research project advisor during the first research project course.

May I take courses as a non-degree student first, and will these courses count toward my degree?
Yes. Students may take courses on a non-degree basis prior to beginning the MSCR program.  For further information about this non-degree option, please refer to the CPHS Admission Policies section regarding Non-degree seeking students.

How many years will it take to complete this degree?
The length of time really depends on you; however, on average master's candidates complete their degree in two (2) to three (3) years. The maximum time frame allowable to complete this degree is five (5) years.

What are the costs for the online MSCR degree? Are there additional fees? How do I contact Financial Aid?
Please note graduate tuition and fees are comparable to the national average for private institutions and are expected to increase yearly. Further information regarding tuition may be found by following this link MSCR Tuition. For Financial Aid information click here MSCR Financial Aid.

Is this an accredited program?
Yes. For more information on accreditation, visit the Academic Bulletin at: Academic Bulletin.

How is online learning different from the traditional classroom setting?
Traditional education requires you to attend class in person, on campus and at designated times. Online education offers convenience and flexibility. You may attend class sessions from any global location at any time of the day or night, provided you have reliable internet connection.

How much interaction will I have with faculty and students?
Surprisingly a tremendous amount of interaction occurs on a daily basis. The MSCR program utilizes current technology such as Skype, Google Hangout, and Blackboard Collaborate, which allows for synchronous (live) interaction with professors and other students.  In addition, course activities are intentionally designed to promote interaction with other students and faculty.

Are there internship opportunities?
On occasion, several of our industry partners request collaboration with our graduate students.  This is not a degree requirement; however, we do advertise all opportunities on our MSCR Blackboard Community page.

Are there any dual degree options with the MSCR degree?
Currently all dual programs are blended deliveries. Because the MSCR program is an online program, it allows for flexibility in course selection and planning. It also offers expanded student options and choices of curriculum. The PharmD program continues with the traditional classroom format.  For more information regarding our dual programs click here: Dual Degree Programs.

Whom may I contact should I have further questions?
Our Program Manager, Sheryl Jensen (910-814-4911) and our Program Coordinator, Kayla Clark (910-814-4909) are available to assist you Mon.-Fri.  8:30 – 5:00 pm EST. You may also send emails to: [email protected] or k[email protected]