Matriculation Policies

Doctor of Pharmacy

Matriculation Policies

Students enrolled in the doctor of pharmacy program are required to fulfill the following:

  • Submit the required non-refundable admissions deposit
  • Submit a signed honor code from indicating that the student has received, read and agrees to the provisions of the honor code of the Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences.
  • Submit original transcripts from each college or university where any coursework was completed (undergraduate, graduate, professional, etc.) to the Office of Admissions & Student Affairs prior to the beginning of classes. It is strongly preferred that transcripts are sent at the end of each semester during the application process.
  • Complete all prerequisite coursework prior to matriculation with official transcripts submitted as mentioned above.
  • Complete the required vaccination and immunization requirements, including the Hepatitis A series, Hepatitis B series, varicella immunity, Tdap and a TB test. The Hepatitis A series is delivered in two injections over a six month period. The Hepatitis B series is delivered in three injections over a six month period.  
  • Submit to a criminal background check as described by the following procedure. CPHS applicants are required to self-disclose any misdemeanors and felony convictions, other than minor traffic violations, including deferred adjudications, with the understanding that non-disclosure or falsification may lead to dismissal and disclosure may prevent enrollment. Additionally, in response to requirements in the professional practice environment stating that facilities providing care to patients must minimize the risk to patients that may be presented by persons with prior criminal activity, a criminal background check will be completed on all accepted applicants prior to matriculation. Please refer to the General Information section at the back of the academic bulletin for the Criminal Background Check Policy.
  • Submit to scheduled and random substance abuse screens each year as necessitated by the College and its affiliates.
  • Attend all mandatory orientation sessions as applicable for new and returning students.
  • Complete all programmatic standards as required by the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Note:  You are obligated to report any charges resulting in conviction including plea bargains, fines paid to lower charges, etc.  You are also required to report any charges pending adjudication (i.e., have not been finalized by the courts).  Convictions under the age of 18 may appear on your criminal background check. 

Charges and convictions will not automatically prevent you from entering a professional health program at Campbell University; but all charges and convictions will appear on your criminal background check, so these must be disclosed.  Failure to disclose any convictions may result in reconsideration of a student’s admissions status. 

Convictions that occur at any time (prior to or after matriculation) may prevent clinical placements and, therefore, successful completion of health programs.

Graduation Requirements

  • Complete all required courses with a passing grade in each course and a 2.20 cumulative GPA
  • Receive an approving recommendation by the CPHS faculty
  • Fulfill all financial obligations to the institution
  • Attend the applicable commencement ceremony