Doctor of Pharmacy

"It has been through the generosity of Campbell Alumni and Donors that I have been able to continue to work towards my dream of becoming a pharmacist.  They inspire me to study harder each day and make them proud.  I hope to one day be able to give back to my alma mater and help others achieve their goals, like so many have done for me during my time at Campbell."

Taylor Wolfe, Class of 2016
H. Carter & Allison Cobb Pharmacy Scholarship Recipient


Scholarships are offered through Campbell University and through sources outside the university. Review the information below for details.

Campbell University Scholarships

In addition to the specific requirements list below, each student must meet or exceed any other criteria established by the Scholarship Committees for scholarships awarded from these funds, criteria including but not limited to financial need, academic performance, good conduct, good citizenship, and community service.

View CU scholarships available for the Doctor of Pharmacy program

Annual Scholarships

Annual scholarships are funded by generous donations made each year to our students. 

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are funded by donations over a long period of time that have formed into a scholarship that will be available for students every year. 

Dean’s Scholarship

This $10,000 scholarship is awarded to eligible students for their P1 year based upon overall PharmCAS GPA of 3.5 or higher. This scholarship is available for renewal during the P2 year by maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or higher in the P1 year and completed the required leadership activities, community service, and professional involvement.

CPHS Dual Degree Dean’s Scholarship

This $3,750 scholarship is awarded to eligible students for their M1 year with PharmCAS GPA of 3.5. Students enrolled in a dual degree program where both degrees are in the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences who meet this criteria are eligible. Student completing the MBA or JD dual degree program are not eligible.

Dean’s Distinguished Scholarship

Students who meet the criteria for the Dean’s Scholarship are also eligible for this scholarship. There are two $35,600 scholarships and four $20,000 scholarships given annually. Students are selected for these scholarships based off their PharmCAS application. Items considered for eligibility include but aren’t limited to: GPA, leadership activities, financial need, and community involvement.

Mission Awards

The Swanson Missions Fund - The purpose of the Swanson Missions Fund is to provide financial assistance to Campbell university Christian pharmacy students who seek to complete a P-4 rotation elective in Pharmacy Christian Missions or who plan to complete a short-term medical/pharmacy Christian missions Trip. Students apply for funds from this account must complete the following application.

Pharmacy Christian Missions Fund Application

Outside Scholarships

View information on outside scholarships available for students enrolled in the PharmD program