Pharmaceutical Education & Research Center

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The Pharmaceutical Education & Research Center (PERC) is a part of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Campbell University’s College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences.  PERC is housed within the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences’ (CPHS) Pharmacy Research Facility, and is equipped with the same technology and equipment currently utilized in the pharmaceutical industry.  In addition to being an extension of the Department’s education and research mission, the Center offers a wide variety of services to other universities, pharmacies, pharma & bio-pharma industries, and government agencies.




Emanuel J. Diliberto, Jr.                         
Executive Director
(910) 893-1696               
(800) 760-9697 ext. 1696                         
[email protected]

Mali R. Gupta
(910) 893-1694
(800) 760-9697 ext. 1694
[email protected]

Paul R. Johnson
QC/Analytical R&D Manager
(910) 814-4348
(800) 760-9697 ext. 4348
[email protected]

Scott Staton
Operations & Formulation Manager
(910) 814-4346
(800) 760-9697 ext. 4346
[email protected]