Pharmaceutical Education & Research Center


PERC’s experienced faculty and staff offer a variety of high-quality and timely services focused on pre-formulation, preclinical analytical research, and small-scale manufacturing.  PERC recognizes and commits to on-time project delivery with the highest quality.  We look forward to working with you.

Emanuel J. Diliberto, Jr.                         
Executive Director
(910) 893-1696               
(800) 760-9697 ext. 1696                         
[email protected]

Emanuel Diliberto has over forty years of experience working in academic, industrial, and government institutions as a R&D scientist, administrator, and educator.  He has extensive technical leadership experience managing and directing research efforts of interdisciplinary teams for the development of novel, innovative drugs for the treatment of a variety of diseases.

Mali Gupta                                                                       
(910) 893-1694
(800) 760-9697 ext. 1694
[email protected]

Mali Gupta has over forty years of management experience in the areas of quality, GMP compliance, facility qualification, and manufacturing operations of small to large cosmetic, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies including CROs.

Paul R. Johnson
QC/Analytical R&D Lab Manager
(910) 814-4348
(800) 760-9697 ext. 4348
[email protected]

Paul Johnson has 30 years of experience in medicinal and analytical chemistry.  He worked in Pharmaceutical and Analytical Development in the pharmaceutical industry for 16 years and has extensive experience with HPLC method development and Preformulation/API characterization.

Scott Staton
Operations & Formulation Manager
(910) 814-4346
(800) 760-9697 ext. 4346
[email protected]

Scott Staton has 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical formulation development.  He has extensive history in sterile formulation development, semi-solid & solid-dosage formulations, and novel drug delivery systems.