Dr. Jennifer Smith

Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Ambulatory Care

Pharm.D., Campbell University


[email protected]

252-243-9800 ext 226

Location: Wilson Community Health Center

Jennifer Smith is known for making things happen instead of watching from the sidelines. The associate professor at Campbell University’s College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (CPHS) is passionate about patient care and forward-thinking about her profession.

This past year, she helped create the first board certified exam recognizing ambulatory care pharmacists by serving on the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Council.

“I have always believed the profession needed special recognition for ambulatory care,” Smith said, who is a practice-based faculty member at Wilson Community Health Center in Wilson, N.C. “This was a pioneering move and I wanted to stand behind it.”

In addition to her work on the BPS council, Smith was recognized as a leader in diabetes management receiving the American Diabetes Association’s 2011 Patient Care Award.

Smith focuses on diabetes education and management at the health center in Wilson. She earned board certification in advanced diabetes management and another in diabetes education to provide better care to her patients.

She was also instrumental in offering a diabetes certificate program for pharmacists through CPHS this past year. The certification was developed by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) and the American Association of Diabetes Educators. 

“Diabetes has grown into an epidemic and we need more pharmacists who understand how to interact and provide care for these patients,” Smith said. She serves as the instructor of the APhA certification through CPHS and is a nationally recognized faculty member for the program.

Smith is also on a mission to help the profession gain recognition as mid-level providers nationwide. She submitted an application for an elected position with APhA to further push the initiative. 

“Submitting an application is no guarantee that I’ll be slated to run in the election, but I hope my interest for this topic shines through,” Smith said.

In her role as a faculty member, she trains her students to practice as clinical pharmacists in a cutting-edge manner. She offers a lot of active learning sessions during her lectures so  students have the opportunity to connect the pieces of the puzzle in a more real-world scenario.

Her ambition is driven by her passion for patient care activities, mainly chronic disease states and self-care topics.  Smith believes pharmacy is an ever-changing profession with opportunities at every corner.

Another inspiration in Smith’s career is Peggy Yarborough, a prior faculty member at Campbell University’s then School of Pharmacy.

“During my third year of school, I was introduced to Dr. Peggy Yarborough who intrigued me with her practice setting in diabetes education and management,” Smith said.

Smith completed a two month rotation during her P-4 year with Yarborough at the same health center in Wilson where she currently practices. During this time she found her passion with the practice site, the patients and the opportunities clinical pharmacy services had to offer. She went on to complete a residency with Yarborough the next year.

During Smith’s residency, Yarborough discovered a grant that would support a pharmacist who provided services to the senior population in underserved counties. Smith applied and was awarded the grant, giving her the opportunity to work with Yarborough yet another year.

By the time Smith had completed three-fourths of the year in the funded position, Yarborough announced her retirement. And Smith was hired as her replacement.

“Yet another golden opportunity in my life,” Smith said. “Campbell took a chance on me as a new pharmacist right out of a residency program.

As a faculty member, residency director and clinical pharmacist, Smith has made great progress following in Yarborough’s footsteps, and has also made a notable reputation of her own.

“The past few years have been extremely exciting for me as I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and sought positions I’ve never dreamed of,” she said.

And Smith doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon, “When you’re passionate about something, it’s easy to be motivated to make a difference.


Dr. Smith is Board Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management in addition to being a Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner. Dr. Smith is also certified as both a Diabetes Educator and as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist.

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