Eighteen participate in research symposium

Eighteen students from the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences participated in the University’s 4th Annual Wiggins Memorial Library Academic Symposium on Wednesday, March 26.


The academic symposium has been held each spring since the library relocated to Wiggins Hall in 2011. The day-long event included oral presentations, musical performances, poster sessions, artist showings, and a floating reception.


“The new library affords the space for us to hold the symposium, and we are pleased to honor the scholarly accomplishments of students at Campbell,” said Sarah Steele, Head of Research & Instruction Services at the Wiggins Memorial Library.


This year, over 120 students from 22 disciplines presented their research. Students and their research are nominated for participation by faculty advisors from all schools and departments.


“I believe the dissemination process to be a very important part of the research process since students have worked so hard,” said Chuemee Thao, third-year pharmacy student. “The Academic Symposium is a wonderful opportunity that allows students to showcase and share their work, which they often don't get to do. Additionally, for myself and my research partner, Yazmin Maya-Perez, it was important to present because it allowed us to gain experience presenting in an academic setting.”


Thao and Maya-Perez presented their research on substance abuse among pharmacists in the Southeastern region of the United States.


Students and their research topics:

  • Maegen Hellberg, Public health, presented Rural Community-Based Medical Education and Physician Assistant Choice of Practice Location | Faculty Advisor: D. Tillman
  • James Oxendine, Public health, presented Patient Satisfaction Among Lumbee Indians in Rural North Carolina | Faculty Advisor: D. Tillman
  • Chuemee Thao & Yazmin Maya-Perez, Pharmacy, presented A Multi-State Study of Pharmacists’ Substance Abuse Violations Report for the Year 2012 | Faculty Advisor: R. Cisneros
  • Abhiruchi Agrawal, Pharmaceutical Sciences, presented Preparation and Characterization of Cromolyn Sodium Nanoparticles Using Nanoprecipitation Technique | Faculty Advisor: M. Gupta
  • Swanalika Avula, Pharmaceutical Sciences, presented Methamphetamine and its Main Metabolite Amphetamine | Faculty Advisor: D. Shin
  • Vidhi Manubhai Desai, Pharmaceutical Sciences, presented To Study the Characteristic Properties of Pharmaceutical Excipients-Ac-Di-Sol and Glycolys | Faculty Advisor: M. Gupta
  • Joseph Paul Kancharla, Pharmaceutical Sciences, presented Characterization of Physiochemical Properties of Coprocessed Excipient Microcelac 100 | Faculty Advisor: R. Haware
  • Pratiba Chowdary Koneru, Pharmaceutical Sciences, presented Specimens by GC-MS with Solid Phase Extraction | Faculty Advisor: Q. Liu
  • Brandy R. Pauff & Victoria Lancaster, Clinical Research, presented Statin Prescribing in Diabetic Patients in NHAMCS and NAMCS Databases During the Years 2005-2010 | Faculty Advisors: B. Sutton, M. Jiroutek, M. Holland
  • Pranshu Shrivastava, Pharmaceutical Sciences, presented Method Development and Analysis of Okadaic Acid Using GC-MS | Faculty Advisors: Q. Liu
  • Brittany L. Graham, April Johnson, & Francia Lysius, Clinical Research, presented A Study of the Association Between Obesity/Overweight Status and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in a Pediatric Population | Faculty Advisor: M. Holland
  • Aditi Kotasthane, Pharmaceutical Sciences, presented Chemical Stability of Heat Treated DMPC | Faculty Advisor: W. Stagner
  • Saikishore Meruva, Pharmaceutical Sciences, presented Chemical Stability of Thermally Treated DPPC | Faculty Advisor: W. Stagner

Photo: Thao presenting at the 4th Annual Wiggins Memorial Library Academic Symposium