Frogs and Chytrid Fungus

Sixteen high school students and teachers attended a Science Education Outreach workshop on October 1 at Campbell to learn more about the deadly chytrid fungus that affects the frog population.


Around the world, chytrid fungus is one of the most pressing causes of death to frogs. During the program, teachers and students learned how to search for tadpoles and screen them for the fungus. Teachers received supplies to teach this identification process to their students.

Learning how to report the possibility of the fungus in local tadpoles involves using Google earth to map the ponds, and an internet form to the report findings.

The workshop was a part of the on-going Biotech RX- The Genetics of Diseases and Their Management program through Science Education Outreach at the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences.


Photo: Student participant, Emma Bartlett, sweeps the water for tadpoles during the workshop.