Interprofessional education event promotes teamwork

First-year students from Campbell University’s osteopathic medicine, physician assistant, physical therapy, pharmacy, and public health programs participated in an interprofessional education event on Friday, March 21.

This event is the second in a series of interprofessional education events offered exclusively to first-year health sciences students and focused on teamwork and how team-building exercises open up the lines of communications across the different disciplines of healthcare.

“Our goal with this event was to demonstrate the importance of healthcare professionals functioning as a team,” said Michael Adams, assistant dean of interprofessional education. “We want our students to not only be well-versed in their respective disciplines, but to know how to be an effective part of a team.”

The afternoon event consisted of students being assigned to teams and scattered across campus. Each team was led by a faculty member and student volunteer, who instructed them on various team-building activities. After successfully completing those activities, students reconvened in D. Rich Memorial Hall to listen to Nancy Duffy, director of nursing, speak on the real world applications of team building.


Duffy shared personal examples of why teamwork is essential to patient care. Her examples ranged from how critical it is to work as a team to assist a new staff member to how open communication lines help save lives during an emergency.


“Team approach is efficient, with better resource management and cost savings,” said Duffy. “If you leave today with a better sense of what it takes for a team to be on the same page, recognition of the roles within the team, and how you responded within the group- take what Helen Keller had to say to wherever your professional practice begins: ‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’.”


The next team building event is scheduled for incoming students in August.


Photo: Students participate in a “spider-web” activity to promote open communication.