PA Program hosts second annual health fair at Buies Creek Elementary School

To promote healthy living in the community, students and faculty from Campbell University’s PA Program recently held a health fair for the fourth and fifth grade classes at Buies Creek Elementary School.

"Last year’s inaugural PA class of 2013 started the now annual event in an attempt to get involved in the local community. As the second PA class at Campbell, we felt that it was important to continue this initiative in hopes of improving the health status of our community,” said Rahul Desai, first-year PA student who was the lead organizer for the event.

PA students organized an interactive health fair to teach the children about nutrition, dental and personal hygiene, and how to say no to peer pressure and bullying.  They also held sessions on physical activity where the children actively participated in obstacle courses, self-defense lessons, relay races and stretching exercises.

“Seeing the smiles and joy in the children’s faces, hearing their laughter, and feeling their excitement made the morning special,” Desai said. “As soon to be health care providers, it was great to get out and interact with the children while educating them on health. Today’s children will be tomorrow’s future, and knowing that our event impacted over 100 children will inspire us in our future endeavors as PA’s.”

Photo: First-year PA student Jesse Tien teaches fourth and fifth graders about oral hygiene during the second annual health fair at Buies Creek Elementary School hosted by Campbell’s PA Program.

Photo by Kat McDougal