Mock Mass Casualty Incident

“You look terrible,” was the comment most heard as students and volunteers prepared for the mock mass casualty event held Saturday, July 8, on the university’s health sciences campus.






Faculty, staff and students of the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences along with the School of Medicine used moulage kits to make people look wounded. From a scraped knee to bones breaking through skin to burn victims, participants really looked the part. 


The scenario for the mock incident included a crowd of people watching a fireworks display when a truck driver loses control and crashes into the display causing an explosion and a subsequent stampede of people.


Planned and run by a committee of Campbell PA and medical students, the event is designed to enhance the students’ skills so they are better prepared in case a true mass casualty incident occurs. In addition to University faculty, community partners including Buies Creek Fire Department, Harnett County Emergency Services, UNC Healthcare’s Carolina Air Care, and WakeMed’s Capital Regional Advisory Committee (CapRAC) provided support and training during the event.


Students learned about field triage, patient transport to field medical facilities and then to an emergency room, along with emergency treatment once in the emergency room. 

Planning committee chair and incident commander, Brendan Monaghan, a PA student, commented on the event, “The mass casualty incident was a huge success. We had the largest event to date with approximately 50 PA students and 25 DO students. All participants rose to the challenge.” 


He continued, “Our students had a lot of fun and told me afterward that it was a great learning experience. Hundreds of hours went into the planning of the event, and I truly believe it was well worth the effort. I will certainly be volunteering at next year’s event and am very excited to see how it will grow in the future.”


Pete Fenn, associate professor of Physician Assistant Practice, thanked all the community partners and volunteers. “We had tremendous support from the community, including Johnston Community College. They had several students to join us as volunteers. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s time and effort to make this an exceptional learning experience for our students.”