Seminar series kicks off with leadership lecture

Close to 100 students, faculty and staff packed into the James Edward Herring, Sr. lecture hall in Maddox Hall yesterday afternoon to listen to the first speaker in the Spring Seminar Series sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs.


Ronald Maddox, vice president for health programs and dean of the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences at Campbell University, spoke about leadership and what qualities make good leaders in life and in the healthcare industry.


“The most important qualities of a leader are those things that we already should be doing,” said Maddox. “A leader focuses on quality, has a can-do positive attitude, sets long-term goals and is a good role model. When I visit a hospital, I know I have to be a good role model because I need to uphold the reputation of our students doing rotations in that hospital. People are always watching.”


Being an advocate for others, maintaining a work-life balance, and the golden rule rounded out the list of qualities found in a successful leader.


“Focus on quality, plan how you’re going to accomplish your goals, and treat others like you would want to be treated. If you do those things, you can accomplish anything.”


To conclude the seminar, Maddox shared stories from his academic career, his stint in the Army and how pharmacy came to Campbell in 1985.  


“During interviews with potential students, we talk about the ‘Campbell Difference’. One of those differences is that our Student Affairs office desires to see students grow academically, but also personally and professionally,” said Christy McCormick, student affairs coordinator and organizer of the series. “This semester the seminars focus on health, communication, and leadership.  My hope is for our students to be healthier than ever, possess strong communication skills, and strive to be leaders in the classroom and every other aspect of their lives.” 


The afternoon wrapped up with a time of fellowship over cupcakes courtesy of the Office of Student Affairs. The Spring Seminar Series includes two more seminars in March by faculty members Paige Brown and Brett Windsor.


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