Graduate Student Services

Graduate Student Services

Having the best and most successful academic experience starts with the resources of Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences' (CPHS) Academic Support Services. We're here to nurture, enhance, and promote your growth and development in the classroom and in other academic settings.

Academic Support at CPHS includes the Office of the Dean, the Office of Admissions & Student Affairs and faculty and staff. All are dedicated to helping you reach academic excellence.

Academic Support Services develops and supports programs and services designed to provide the tools and resources needed to assist you academically. We offer a Peer Tutoring Program, stress and time management workshops, resume seminars, study skill and learning style workshops, information dissemination, support for test anxiety, and supplemental instruction. Our doors are always open and our staff is always available to offer the support, advice, encouragement, and resources you need to handle your concerns and meet your challenges.


Peer Tutoring Program

The College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences offers a tutoring program that provides at no expense to its students, one-on-one tutoring and group tutoring. Tutoring services are provided by fellow students and is only a "Tutor Request" away if you are having difficulty in any of the classes offered by CPHS.

Maddox Hall After Hours Program

Maddox Hall After Hours Program was designed to provide CPHS students a place where they could gather together or come individually to study. Sunday through Thursday, Maddox Hall is open until 1 am so that students can have time to study without having to worry about time restraints.

Time Management

If you are having trouble developing a Time Management Plan that is effective and beneficial to you, please visit our "Time Management" page that offers helpful tips and tools that you can use to make the most of your time!  If you have additional problems and concerns, and would like further assistance regarding the development of a plan that works best for you, feel free to contact Steph Olson, [email protected], for additional support.

Study Skills

The intense and academically challenging and demanding classes offered by CPHS may leave you questioning the effectiveness of the study habits and skills that used to be helpful to you.  We understand the challenge that you may face in trying to study for such advanced classes.  We have developed a page dedicated solely to help you revise or develop study skills that work best with the classes you are taking, your hectic schedule, and your learning style.

Learning Styles

At the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, we realize that each one of our students learn in a different and unique way.  We have also found that it is beneficial if students discover what learning style works best for them.  Knowing your particular learning style can help you develop more effective ways of listening in class, note taking, and studying.

Computer Labs

Although the majority of our students already have their own personal computers, we realize that there may be times that you may not have access to your computer and may need somewhere to print off a paper or notes before class.  The students of CPHS have available to them, their own computer lab that is located upstairs between the Ed Herring and Harris Teeter Dickson Lecture Halls.  Students may use the computers and the printer/copier located in the computer lab at their convenience.

Technology Support

If you are having trouble with your personal computer or your school email, please contact the Technical Support Helpdesk at 910-893-1208.


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Steph Olson
Coordinator for Academic Support Services
Office of Admissions & Student Affairs
Phone: (910) 814-5693
Email: s[email protected]