Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

The Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences provides individual and group tutoring sessions for currently enrolled CPHS students as a service with no additional cost to the students. If you are having trouble in a certain course, from Anatomy and Physiology to Therapeutics to Pharmaceutics to Pharmacokinetics, we will attempt to match you with a tutor for individual help or group tutorials.

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Individual Tutoring

If you are matched with an individual tutor, you can set your own meeting times with him or her. You can meet with your tutor at one of our CPHS locations or another location agreed upon by the student and the tutor.

Group Tutoring

Small groups are set up with a single tutor due to the demand placed on the individual. Dialoging and reviewing with fellow students in group discussions can also benefit you greatly academically.

Benefits of Tutoring Services

During tutoring sessions, you may want to ask questions, do practice problems, case studies or discuss exams. Whatever it is, you decide what you want to work on. Our goal is to help you develop confidence in your ability to discover the answers on your own. Peer tutors understand what you are going through and are prepared to help you with whatever difficulties you might have.

Opportunities to be a Tutor

Not only are students provided with the opportunity to receive tutoring services, you also have the opportunity to be a tutor. If you feel confident in a subject/course and meet the requirements, you can sign up to provide tutoring services to fellow students. Many students struggle, don’t wait to schedule tutoring until it’s too late!

Questions? Contact:
Steph Olson
Coordinator for Academic Support Services
[email protected]