Below you’ll find a listing of our faculty, staff, and additional phone numbers.


Name Title Email Ext. Office
Dr. Connie Chester Assistant Professor [email protected] (910) 893-1655 B-22
Mr. Nicholas DeJesus Instructor, School of Education [email protected] 910-893-1631 B-17
Dr. Sam Engel Assistant Dean/Associate Professor [email protected] (910) 893-1647 203
Dr. Harriet Enzor Associate Professor of Counseling [email protected] (910) 893-1633 B-20
Ms. Martha Faircloth, Adjunct, School of Education [email protected]
Dr. Christopher Godwin Director of Teacher Education [email protected] (910) 814-4331 224
Dr. Oney Graham Associate Professor, Elementary & Interdisciplinary Studies [email protected] (910) 814-5769 221
Dr. Ben Greene Adjunct, School of Education [email protected] (910) 814-4763 202
Dr. Ron Kendrick Adjunct, School of Education [email protected] (910) 893-1644 B-19A
Dr. Julie Lee Adjunct, School of Education [email protected]
Dr. Carol Maidon Associate Professor/Director of Teaching Fellows [email protected] (910) 893-1637 225C
Dr. Karen Nery Dean/Professor [email protected] (910) 893-1631 230
Dr. Lorae Roukema Associate Professor in Education [email protected] (910) 893-1651 207
Dr. Peggy Smith Coordinator - Master of School Administration [email protected] (910) 893-1648 B-19
Dr. Emily Turner Assistant Professor of Education [email protected] 910-893-1875 220


Name Title Email Ext. Office
Mrs. Kelly Ashworth TK20 Unit Administrator [email protected] (910) 893-1898 228
Mrs. Ranae Strickland Graduate Admissions/Graduate Programs Coordinator [email protected] (910) 814-5515 220
Mrs. Charity Tart Administrative Assistant to the Dean/Undergraduate Programs [email protected] (910) 893-1631 Rm. 230

Additional Numbers

Name Ext. Office
Computer Lab 1654 Taylor 227
Curriculum Center 1594 CMMC

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