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Comprehensive Exam Application

Comprehensive Exams

Policies and Procedures

1. The exam is composed of 5 essay questions.  Students will have four hours to take the exam, (typically 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.).  Students must pass four of five questions to pass the exam on the first attempt.  Any questions not attempted will be considered automatic failures.  Many students choose to only attempt only four questions; however, if you do this, be aware that you must pass all four questions to pass the exam.

2. If a student fails two or more questions, they must retake all of the failed questions again in the areas they did not pass.  This includes any questions that were not attempted on the first exam.  ALL questions must be passed on the retake to pass the exam.  A student may retake the exam twice; if the student does not pass the second retake, they will not be awarded a degree.

3. Students may have no more than 6 semester hours left to complete in their program of study, the semester following the attempting of the exam (not including field experiences).  Students are responsible for knowledge of the entire core curriculum of their course of study.  If they take the exam before having taken the entire core curriculum, it cannot be guaranteed that they will not have a question from a course they have not yet taken.

4. Students should be aware that they might be given a question from a course in which they are currently enrolled during the semester they attempt the exam.  Students are strongly advised to talk to each professor as to how to best prepare for a possible question from a specific course.

5.  Comprehensive exams are normally scheduled for the third Saturdays in November and March.  There may be (if needed) a special administration in June, which is limited to retakes only.

SOE GRAD STUDENTS: Please complete this application form for graduation. The one in the registrar's office is for undergrad it does not have all the information on it that we need to process your application.

Graduation Application for Master's Programs


Please note:  Both the graduation application and information form must be filled out and submitted to the Graduate Admissions Office at PO Box 369, Buies Creek, NC  27506 or email to Ranae Strickland at [email protected].  Forms can also be faxed to 910-893-1999 to the attention of Ranae Strickland.