In 1992, a program designed especially for bachelor's-degree holders wishing to earn a M.Ed. degree and advanced-level licensure was made available to prospective elementary, middle grades, and secondary school teachers of English, social studies, or mathematics, as well as to prospective K-12 teachers of health and physical education. Each of these three I-plus-Masters programs is made up of three stages:

  1. general education and methods courses,
  2. the internship semester, and
  3. remaining courses to complete the graduate major.

The area coordinator for the I-plus-Masters programs works with the Dean and the discipline area coordinators to formulate individualized plans of study for students in the programs; these individualized plans may require prerequisite course work. The I-plus-Masters area coordinator also acts as advisor for this group of students.

For more information on Licensure plus Master please contact Dr. Sam Engel at [email protected]