CEDU 626 Professional Orientation and Ethics has been added to the spring 2017 schedule. It will be Tuesday night from 5pm to 8pm in room B-24 with Instructor DeJesus.

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Students must always contact their advisor to register for classes. Graduate students CANNOT register online. Students may contact their advisor by phone, email, or make an appointment to see them.

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Program Coordinators and Advisors

Licensure Only and Initial plus Master’s Programs
Dr. Sam Engel
[email protected]

M.Ed. in Middle Grades and Secondary (Math, English, Social Studies, and P.E.) Education Programs
Dr. Ben Greene
[email protected]

M.Ed. in Elementary Education, Middle Grades, Secondary (Math, English, Social Studies, and P.E.) Education Programs and M.Ed. Interdisciplinary Studies Programs
Dr. Carol Maidon
[email protected]

M.Ed. in School Administration or MSA Add-on Licensure Programs
Dr. Peggy Smith
[email protected]

School Counseling and Mental Health Counseling Programs
Dr. Harriet Enzor
[email protected]

Instructor Nick DeJesus
[email protected]

Dr. Kristen Moran
[email protected]


Administrative Assistant for the Graduate Programs

Ranae Strickland
[email protected]
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