The purpose of the Social Work Program at Campbell University is to prepare generalist practitioners for entry-level practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.  The program also seeks to provide service to the community and to the denomination of which it is a part.

Educational objectives of the program are based on the belief that effective generalist practice includes the ability to problem-solve, to conduct interventions at macro and micro levels, to practice within a framework of professional ethics and values, and to utilize research. This practice is based on a body of knowledge and possession of specified skills, concern for the needs of vulnerable and oppressed peoples, and involves work toward the ends of social and economic justice.

Students in the program are prepared to assume multi-level roles and to make use of basic techniques suitable for intervention with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.  Students are expected to develop a professional identity manifest in the professional use of self, in the ability to draw on professional values and ethics in decision-making throughout the helping process, and in their sensitivity to the needs of people of diverse backgrounds who are institutionally oppressed, minorities of color, differently able, female, poor, or otherwise vulnerable. This sensitivity should be evident in the ability to empathize appropriately with the client, in willingness to understand the client's culture, and in the way in which practice is conducted.