Middle Grades CookieBeing a middle school teacher is a combination of serving in the Peace Corps, organizing an amoebae circus, competing in a decathlon, and earning an Academy Award. In no other job do you laugh aloud, ignite someone’s imagination, bring peace, pose conflict, kiss frogs, quell fears, affirm goodness, stand amazed, and read a crumpled love note that assures the end of the world by 3:00 that afternoon. And that’s just the end of first period.

Rick Wormeli, Meet Me in the Middle


Campbell University offers a B.S. in Middle Grades Education that is specifically designed to prepare candidates to teach in a true middle school setting. Students successfully completing the program earn a Bachelor of Science degree and initial licensure in North Carolina to teach one of four content areas in grades 6-9: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies.

Candidates choose a secondary area of concentration from the four areas in which they earn an additional 18 credit hours.  With these hours, they have a solid foundation in a secondary concentration area, enabling them to successfully pass the Praxis II exam for a dual license in 6th-9th grades.

For more information on the middle grades program, please contact Dr. Lorae Roukema at [email protected].

Skittles in the Middle

Erin Overton writes thoughts and insights on middle level education and the young adolescent in her blog: Skittles in the Middle. Erin is a secondary education major in English, but writes about her experiences with middle grades education after taking EDUC 365: Teaching in the Middle.  Read Erin’s blogs here: http://skittlesinthemiddle.blogspot.com/

Book Reviews

Four Square and the Politics of Sixth Grade Lunch
Review by Donna Jellico, Class of 2013

Promoting Harmony: A Reflection
Review by Casey Lanier, Class of 2013


Middle School Musings


Middle Grades Musings is a monthly publication by Campbell University’s Middle Grades Education Program.

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In the Middle

Video courtesy of Ms. Kelly McGee, Class of 2012



For more information on the CU Middle Grades Program, or to contribute to a future Musings, please contact Dr. Lorae Roukema, editor, at [email protected]