Tuition Assistance (TA) Eligibility Changes

Wed, 7 May, 2014     campbell university fort bragggo army edgoarmyedmay 2014policy changesta eligibilitytuition assistance

GoArmyEd ChangesThe changes are intended to maximize the use of TA for all Soldiers. These eligibility changes are outlined as follows:

  • Soldiers are eligible to use TA after one year in service following completion of initial military training (Advanced Individual Training (AIT) for Enlisted personnel and Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC) or Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) for Officers).
  • TA for a post-bachelor's degree is available after 10 years in service.
    (If TA did not pay for any portion of the undergraduate degree, the 10-year Second Degree Requirement does not apply.)

Effective 18 May 2014, GoArmyEd will be enforcing this policy by placing Soldiers who are no longer eligible on one of two new holds: One-year Eligibility Requirement Hold or the 10-year Second Degree Requirement Hold. The hold will be automatically lifted on the day eligibility changes and email notification will be sent.

To read more about how the one year in service hold is calculated or other questions and answers regarding this new policy change, see the 2014 TA Eligibility Policy Change - Soldier Questions & Answers posted to GoArmyEd. Here is a direct link:

Thank you for your attention to this policy change.