History Degree ProgramEnjoy watching the history channel and learning about the past? Would you like to improve your ability to view problems in a larger context? Do you enjoy learning about why our society and other societies act the way they do? Then a degree in history is a great option for you!

Campbell University Fort Bragg/Pope offers a Bachelor if Science in Social Science with a Concentration in History. Our degree is designed for students to gain a solid background in European, American, and Non-Western History. Our students also learn about the major movements and trends involved with these societies. Students will develop skills in critical thinking, research, writing. 

Our Bachelor of Science in Social Science with a Concentration in History offers students flexiblity to fit their needs. Our degree includes political science, sociology and many history electives to help you take charge of your education and select classes to best fit your future goals! 

Students will gain valuable skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Geography
  • National Government
  • Sociology
  • United States History
  • Select areas to focus on from American, European and Non-Western Societies

Job Outlook
Graduates of our Bachelor of Science in Social Science with a Concentration of History will be prepared to work in a variety of career settings including, school systems, non-profit organizations, government or continue onto graduate school. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a list of jobs that are not only in high demand, but some are also part of the green economy initiative. Students who study history can see annual salary ranges from $46,000 to over $61,000!

Curriculum Information
For a complete overview of the program and requirements, please view our summary sheet by clicking on the link below:

History Course Descriptions [PDF]

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