Political Science

Political Science Degree ProgramDo you enjoy watching the news? Do you like to debate social and political topics? Then Campbell University Fort Bragg/Pope has some great options for you in Criminal Justice!

Campbell University Fort Bragg/Pope offers a bachelor of Science in Social Science with a concentration in Political Science. Our extended campus offers instruction and research in the art and science of politics. Political Science is a great option for adults interested in a career change, career advancement or graduate school. Our program examines the study of power in society, analysis of authority and making of public policy with a goal of a greater knowledge in political science. 

Students will gain valuable skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • American Government
  • Public Policy & Administration
  • Political Thought
  • International Relations
  • Constitutional Development
  • Political Science Theories

Job Outlook
Graduates of our Bachelor of Science in Social Science with a Concentration in Political Science will be prepared to work in a variety of career options including civil service, journalism, management, politics, legislative analysis and population studies. The criminal justice field has a wide variety of career options for students to enter or continue to graduate school. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a list of jobs that are not only in high demand, but some are also part of the green economy initiative. Students majoring in criminal justice can see annual salary ranges from $30,000 to more than $50,000!

Curriculum Information
For a complete overview of the program and requirements, please view our summary sheet by clicking on the link below:

Political Science Course Descriptions [PDF]


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