New Classes this Spring!

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Campbell University RTP is excited to announce the addition of some new classes in our Spring Term:

MATH 212 – Logic

A study of arguments to determine validity. Different types of common fallacies will be examined and other inconsistencies that cause an argument to be invalid. Arguments will be written in symbolic for and checked for validity by truth tables. More complex arguments will be checked for validity by methods common to logic. Students will be expected to construct a valid argument in symbolic form.

ITS 430 – Data Mapping and Exchange

Exchange information between different data sources, creating and
maintaining mappings, data mapping in defense, industrial and government projects; automatic generation of data models from different structured data formats (databases, MTF, XML etc.), Message Text Formats (MTF) for military use, National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), data transformation between a data source and destination, data masking or de-identification, Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT), X12 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards, visualization of complex business data, Document Type Definition (DTD) as legal building blocks of an XML document.

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BADM 340 – Services Marketing

An introduction to the marketing process. Including the selection of target markets, the development of product, pricing, promotion, and channel of distribution programs to effectively serve these markets. Specialized topics such as international marketing, consumerism, and ethical issues in marketing are also examined.

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ACCT 390 – Taxation Practicum

The course applies the knowledge of taxation preparation for the individual during tax season and transmission of the required returns to the Internal Revenue Service and State of North Carolina Department of Revenue. Students are required to deal directly with the pubic through this servicelearning course in association with VITA.

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ITS 420 – Wireless/Mobile Systems

Fundamentals of wireless communications technologies, including the
basic architectures, access methods, switching, and interoperability issues; principles of Mobile IP; case studies of mobile IP applications; third generation (3G) wireless; Wireless Application Protocol; fixed, satellite, and short-range wireless and scalability of the mobile IP solutions; wireless VoIP, mobile multimedia messaging; integration of WLAN and cellular networks.

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PSYC 491 – Intro to Counseling

An introduction to various techniques of counseling, e.g. ingredients of a helping relationship, listening responses, and conceptualizing client issues.

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HSEC 370 – Interagency Operations

This course provides an overview and analysis of Interagency Operations issues facing Homeland Security personnel involved in the administrative, regulatory, and political dimensions of Homeland Security. It introduces concepts and provides information about the political system in which Homeland Security officers must navigate and presents an overview of key governmental agencies and actors from all three levels of government.

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