Time Management Tips for Continuing Education Students

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Time Management Tips

It's challenging being a student. It can really be challenging being an adult student, active, or retired military, and working a full time job. Adult college students may face more struggles trying to manage their time between family, work and school and their next mission. Thanks to the Campbell University Camp Lejeune campus and online degree programs, you can have flexible class schedules with an abundant of options. Campbell makes it possible to get your degree and maintain a work and family life.

Here are some Time Management Tips to help make becoming a college student again less overwhelming.

  • Make your days flexible.

- Maintain a flexible mindset and a flexible schedule. An adult learner needs to have time during the day to accomplish a variety of tasks. Leave yourself room for unforeseen events to occur so that you aren't sidetracked from taking care of your priorities.

  • Know your strengths.

- Plan to accomplish your toughest challenges during your best time of the day. Are you a morning person? Schedule your most difficult task for in the morning so you'll do your best work. Don't wait until you are exhausted before dinner in the evening to conquer your hardest subject in school.

  • Determine priorities.

- Not everything on your "to do" list is essential. Determine what has to be done that day and manage your expectations. Some things can wait, some things can be deferred to someone else for help, some things can be deleted entirely.

  • Rest, eat, relax.

- Sleep is crucial for learning and functioning with a clear mind. Eating healthy will impact how you get through your day and handle stress. Schedule sleep. Get enough each night to maintain good health and stress management skills.

  • Don't procrastinate.

- Do a little along the way to maintain structure to your days. Don't wait until the last minute to squeeze everything into one day before it's due. Respond to emails as needed, return phone calls on your lunch break, space out your responsibilities throughout the day.

  • Celebrate successes.

- Be proud of getting that first paper for a new class completed. Congratulate yourself on small victories and reward yourself for working toward your degree.

  • Be willing to compromise.

- Getting a degree is a marathon, not a sprint. Some days you won't be able to get it all done perfectly the way you had hoped. Don't strive for perfection, strive for efficiency. Remember to establish your priorities and let everything else go. 

Your reward will be well worth the effort when you are the proud recipient of a Campbell University degree.

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