Information Technology Management

Information Technology & Security: Management Degree Program

Bachelor of Applied Sciences (BAS) - ITS: Management Concentration

Applied Sciences Degree ProgramThe purpose of our Information Technology and Security Management concentration is to provide education and training in information technology management emphasizing the changing role of IT in 21st century, introducing the fastest growing educational program in information assurance – information security, safe computing, information privacy, and internet safety – emphasizing its role in personal and corporate computing, and educate students about intelligence creation, storage, and distribution to take challenges created by new positions in IT industry. The language of computers is complex and elegant. 

The concentration in this field will develop professionals in the area of information technology, management and networking who can harness the capabilities of the computer and the ever-expanding potential of the Internet. This is one of Campbell’s newest majors, re-designed for the competitive international job market and explosive demand for network administrators and homeland security information technology specialists. The analytical skills and knowledge gained through the study of ITS may lead to an exciting career in a wide variety of professions including web and internet security, computer crime investigation, web programming and system design and corporate security.

Curriculum Information:

For a complete overview of the program and requirements, please view our Bachelor of Applied Sciences Information Technology Management Description and Requirements summary sheet.

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