Admissions Requirements

Man with baby on computerCampbell University's admissions policies are applicable to all potential students.  These policies coupled with rolling admissions each 8-week accelerated term allows adult students provisional admission while awaiting receipt of all required documents.  All first time college students (those students with no prior college experience) must undergo initial entry assessment and counseling.  

To begin the admission process for RTP, students should first meet with a counselor.  Counselors provide suggestions for study and remedial work, if needed, based on student's prior education.  While not required prior to registration, students will need official transcripts sent from their high school, all previous colleges, and their military transcript to 808 Aviation Parkway Suite 1100, Morrisville, NC 27560 or [email protected] before completion of their third term.  

Specific requirements for first time students, transfer students, and military and veteran students can be found below:

Specific requirements for each degree can be located by clicking on the type of degree that you would like more information about below:

Free Unofficial Transcript Review

Campbell University at RTP offers a free unofficial transcript review to help you determine what courses may or may not transfer.  Click here to email your transcripts to our office for an unofficial transcript review.

Full policies for Admissions to Campbell University at RTP can be found in the Extended Program Student Handbook.  This handbook is supplemental to the Campbell University Undergraduate Student Bulletin and provides policies and procedures that pertain to Extended Program students only.