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Matt Barton (’99 BBA) and his wife Arica, along with their two daughters Beri Ann and June, welcomed the birth of their third child, Clara Celeste on June 17. The Barton family resides in Evanston, Ill.
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University dedicates new seal at renovated D.Rich Commons during Homecoming Festivities | Photo by Jimmy Allen
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Spring 2016

Cover story: Let them Stem | What will it take to get more women in engineering and technology careers?
Why the Camels?
Love, Wanda
Engineering scholarship honors young man
Sarah Swain (’05) sets out to engage alumni
Life begins abroad | Paige Kelly ('15)

Digital version of Campbell Magazine | Spring 2016

Fall/Winter 2015-16

Cover story: In the Field | A Day in the Life of a third-year med student
For Lydia | Law student honors his sister
In the Name of Advocacy

Digital version of Campbell Magazine | Fall/Winter 2015-16

Summer 2015

Cover story: Legendary | The nation's first basketball school
Ask Bahnaman | Campbell's quiz genius
Among Giants | Campbell women's golf program
Matthew Trogdon | The Urban Farmer

Digital version of Campbell Magazine | Spring 2015

Spring 2015

Cover story: Thank you, Dr. Wallace
By His Stripes, I am Healed
Meet our 5th President
Leaving His Own Legacy
Uncovering History
Meant to Be

Digital version of Campbell Magazine | Spring 2015

Winter 2014-15

Cover story: The Maddox Legacy
The ISIS Crisis
Cary Kolat | Still The Best
Immersed in the Whedonverse
The Perfect Match

Download a PDF of the Winter 2014-15 issue.



Cover story: Then, Now & Next
‘Legacy Beyond Measure’
The Nerd
The New Reality
Ester & Naomi
A Legacy in Rural Medicine

Download a PDF of the Summer 2014 issue.



Cover story: Scholars & Warriors
500... and counting
Campbell eyes engineering for 2016
Road of Ethics

Download a PDF of the Spring 2014 issue.



Cover story: Burkot – The Renaissance Man
The Creek Goes Greek
Piece by Piece
The Perfect Patients
Sisters First
The Next Chapter
A ‘Pinnacle Achievement’
What Our State Needs
A Tireless Advocate

Download a PDF of the Fall 2013 issue.



Cover story: A Bold Step
Meet Our People: Students
Mind, Body & Spirit
Campbell's First Nurse
What Came Before
Meet Our People: Faculty/Staff
A Beacon of Medical Education
Serving the Underserved
A Beacon of Medical Education
Leading the Way
The Putting Guru
Hands-On Career
The Perfect Fit
Camels in the Pros
An Affirmation
La Belle Vie en France

Download a PDF of the Summer 2013 issue.



Cover story: Gridiron Mike
Eyes on the Homeland
Meet Carl
The Bright Side
Escape the Mundane
Sharing the Love
A Family Legacy

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Winter 2012-13

Cover story: The Trust Mafia
Dreaming Big
The Scars That Heal
Top cadet in our ranks
Revolution's Wiry, Creepy Stranger
PA Program at Full Strength
Strong in Translation
Hit the Ground Sprinting

Download a PDF of the Winter 2012-13 issue.


Summer 2012

Cover story: Through Tragedy, Hope
She Led With Grace
Anything but ‘blah’
Exceeding Expectations
Ten Things About Campbell Pharmacy
Campbell Pride spurs record giving
Rebirth Q&A

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Spring 2012

Cover story: Rooted in Campbell
In S.I. by 22
Ten Things About Kivett
Divine Counseling
The Science of Fracking
Going Viral
Skin Deep
Flag Forward

Download a PDF of the Spring 2012 issue.


Fall 2011

Cover story: Filling the Void
Medical School – A Step Closer to Reality
A Challenge to Serve
Athletic Training Student Gets a Leg Up
Extended Campus
Here to Stay
Career-focused Spanish
A ‘whole and complete life’
Texas Gunslinger

Download a PDF of the Fall 2011 issue.


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