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Letters to the Editor

September 10, 2012
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Campbell is blessed

Re: “Rooted in Campbell,” Spring 2012 edition of Campbell Magazine

In this article, it is clear that Dr. Christopher Stewart is very proud of his family and their contributions to Campbell.

Dr. Stewart will carry on this family tradition of community service and dedication to this university. I hope Campbell knows how incredibly blessed it is to have such a fine, outstanding and honorable young man serving on their educational team.

Donna Byrd Hemminger, '78


Proud of dad’s car

Re: “Rooted in Campbell,” Spring 2012 edition of Campbell Magazine (“Campbell’s first car” inset, pg. 20)

What an honor and great memory for you to place this picture of Dad’s Model T, the first automobile at Campbell.

Every time I drive between the University and Sanford, I imagine the open car, the classic motor noise, wind blowing ... even though then he didn’t have much hair!

He and Mom loved Campbell, and we children are honored and privileged that they gave of themselves to a wonderful institution.

I thank Campbell also for the honor to be affiliated in the curriculum with the first class of the Physician Assistant Program.

Al Hartness, MD


A great spring issue

I just read the Spring 2012 edition of Campbell Magazine. What a good issue!

We have been at Campbell in the Divinity School since 1996 when Bruce (Powers) helped begin that new school along with Michael Cogdill.

We will never learn all the stories of the “old timers,” but we love to keep trying. The picture of Catherine King and her anecdote about dancing were wonderful. She was our neighbor when we lived in the Profitt House and attended Memorial Baptist with us.

And the story of Dr. Christopher Stewart and his roots and connections with Campbell and Buies Creek was most interesting. Never say anything bad about anybody in the Creek, because you might be talking to a relative of that person!

We have season basketball tickets and really enjoyed the article about Eric Griffin. We are proud of the team and the hard work of Coach Laing and his team of coaches. The past season was an exciting and entertaining one.

Lastly, I love the cover. I recently saw a TV piece on The New Yorker and the history of their magazine covers. I see the homage in the artist’s work.

Thanks for all the work you and your colleagues have done.

Jean Powers


How thrilled I was when I read Campbell Magazine Spring 2012!  Not only did I read about my second cousin,Dr. Chris Stewart, but also my
father Dutch, grandfather Neil, etc. I enjoyed reading a lot of family history I knew, but there were some stories I had never heard.
I am a 1957 graduate of Campbell, my hometown!
I would like to have a copy of Spring 2012.  If that is possible,please e-mail me with that info.
Thank you for more fond memories of my family.

Gretchen M.Snyder
211 Pintail Lane
Harkers Island,NC 28531

By Gretchen Matthews Snyder on November 12, 2012 - 2:37pm

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