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Letters to the Editor

December 28, 2012
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Pharmacy school cares for its students

Campbell's pharmacy school is a special place. I received the same treatment [as Leah Hutchens Mitchell when she lost her father] while I was there.

Although my tragedy wasn’t losing a parent, it was losing a grandparent during surgery. The professors were just as understanding, and I was so grateful. Great story, great institution and great pharmacy school!

Dr. Leah Allen ’02

Inspiring others

I enjoy reading Campbell Magazine, and the Summer 2012 issue has inspired me to write this letter.

Sometimes, the actions of others cause us to take action. The story of Leah Hutchens Mitchell [“Leah’s Story: Through Tragedy, Hope”] and Marshall Baker hit very close to home.

My name is Marshall John Goodman Jr. I have chronic kidney disease, as Marshall does, and I am on daily peritoneal dialysis. I have been searching for a donor for five years. My symptoms are the same as Marshall’s, and I do dialysis four times a day at home.

I attended Campbell for two years prior to entering the Air Force in 1963. Again, sometimes the actions of others can cause us to take action. If there is someone out there interested in learning about kidney donation, please contact me. I can be reached by mail at 5123 Chesapeake Road in Fayetteville (28311).

Marshall Goodman Jr.
Fayetteville, NC

Fond memories

I've been meaning to write and attach this photo since the Spring 2012Campbell Magazine arrived.

When I got it and looked at the cover, it brought back a lot of memories. I knew the cover looked very familiar, and I said to myself, "I painted Kivett Hall once upon a time, too."

This was back in 1975 for an art class I took at Campbell. Back then, of course, it was Campbell College.

I don't remember my art teacher's name, but I was in the Air Force stationed at Pope, and attended Campbell under the "Bootstrap" program, graduating in December of 1975. My degree from Campbell was instrumental in me obtaining a very rewarding position in the Department of Consumer Protection with the State of Connecticut, where I worked for 37 years and have been retired from for four years now.

I still keep in touch with some of my Campbell friends after all these years, and one year I am going to make it to Homecoming weekend. I have fond memories of all of my classmates, teachers and staff at Campbell and receiving the Campbell Magazine regularly is something I always look forward to.

Mark Giulietti
New Britain, CT

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