ADA Compliance Tool

Fri, 28 Mar, 2014     accessibilityadacompliancehigher educationtoolbarwave

ADA (American's with Disabilities Act) compliance is an incredibly essential part of our jobs as educators.  Many higher learning institutions are attempting to pay more attention to those individuals who might need assistance.  Here at Campbell University Online, we are committed to all of our students, therefore, we plan to accommodate these students to the greatest extent possible.  Furthermore, we would like to share a tool that can be used to evaluate websites.  This is a web accessibility evaluation toolbar that can be downloaded for the browser Firefox.  It's called the WAVE Toolbar.  This toolbar uses red, yellow, and green color codes to point out errors, alerts, and accessibility features.  It can be used to alert an instructor of any website that they are sending their students to if there may be accessibility issues.  Please consider downloading this toolbar to your Firefox browser and having a look.