All iPad:Preparation…Part II

Fri, 30 Nov, 2012     blackboardipad

Why would someone need to prepare to switch from a laptop/desktop to an iPad?  The same reason why someone checks to see what software comes on a laptop/desktop.  I must ensure that all of my work both in the office and at home can be done on the iPad.  Afterall, I wouldn't want to have to cheat.

Previously, I listed the tasks that I needed to be able to complete on the iPad. I have rehashed those with the theoretical solutions that I have found:

  • Extensive typing: purchased a Mac bluetooth keyboard. I just cannot see typing on the screen for long periods of time although I am sure that they are people who could do it. It just is not going to be me. Ahem: Don't forget an extra set of backup AA batteries.
  • Email: Standard mail app
  • Blackboard: MobileLearn app and will also use the Safari browser due to the limited nature of the app
  • Blogs: Blogger app and Wordpress app
  • Photos: Adobe Photoshop Express app and Pic Stitch app. I also plan on using the screenshot feature (home and off button) paired with Educreations to create screenshots tutorials.
  • RSS Feeds: Flipboard app
  • Trello: Trello app (although it is optimized for an iPhone, you can download it on the iPad)
  • Website: you may in fact not like this answer. For those of you using What You See is What You Get editors, there are not a ton of current options for the iPad; however, if you know straight coding, there are a few options. I am going to attempt using the Diet Coda app.
  • Document Creation: I have had to do a lot of exploring over the last week. I started with the Google Drive app. We use forms, the spreadsheets, docs, etc. I have found that through some preliminary testing, items that aren't available through Drive (such as the creation of forms and management of spreadsheets) can be done through Safari with a few quirks in desktop mode. The next app is the Type on PDF app. This will allow me to download my student papers, annotate them, and return them. I am still a bit apprehensive about how this will all work outside of theory. The Evernote app is an app I have been using for quite sometime now to replace the 1,001 fancy notebooks that I still like to carry but don't want to write in for fear of ruining their appeal. Scanning is also something that I need access to on a daily basis so I purchased the TurboScan app. This is the only app I have purchased thus far; although, I am evaluating the need for a slick word processing app.

Katherine Spradley
Director of Distance Education
Campbell University