Course Design with iPad Apps: The DE Top 3

Tue, 15 May, 2012     appcourse designengagementipad

Yeah. There is an app for that.

Are you looking for ways to use your iPad to improve your course design?

Distance Education composed their top 3 iPad Apps for improving course design. Many online and blended courses are missing a key element: Student - Instructor interaction. Most instructors provide plenty of Student - Content (i.e. PowerPoint, Notes, Links) interaction and many instructors cover the Student - Student interaction (i.e. Discussions, Groups). The Student - Instructor interaction seems to be the most difficult relationship to establish in an asynchronous environment. These 3 apps will provide you additional tools to increase that interaction and help engage your students.

Wait! You thought that everything had to be created in Blackboard? Absolutely not! There are lots of different ways to create content (i.e. lectures, video, pictures, drawings) outside of Blackboard and then incorporate that content in your Blackboard course. We will save the full integration explanation for a different day. Our top 3 iPad Apps for Course Design - in no particular order:

EDUCREATIONS This app allows you to draw using a "whiteboard" and markers while simultaneously recording your voice. Unlike many similar programs the writing appears more natural rather than digitally created. You may find this helpful to diagram relationships, introduce yourself, solve an equation, demonstrate a reaction, illustrate a timeline, and more. This app also allows you to begin with an image that you capture or one that you have saved and add to it. This app allows you to share your creation in Blackboard by emailing yourself the unique URL. This URL can be pasted into Blackboard and shared with your students. (Cost: FREE)

SCREEN CHOMP Is a similar "whiteboard" and recording app to EDUCREATIONS; however, the actual writing isn't quite a smooth looking (still retains a digital feel). This app allows you to diagram, draw, and record as well. The processing time for the video is a smidge longer than EDUCREATIONS, but you also are getting a few more choices for writing including a pen, market, and highlighter. Sharing your videos with your students is just as simple with the SCREEN CHOMP app. Email yourself the unique URL and paste the URL into a content area in Blackboard. (Cost: FREE)

IDEA SKETCH This app is a little different as it doesn't record your voice but rather allows you to brainstorm, mind map, diagram, flow chart, and more. It is great for making simple outlines, sharing diagrams, creating flow charts, and supplementing presentations. Like many other apps, this app offers the ability to email or save a copy of the final product for ease of use. Simply email the image to yourself, save to your computer, and upload the image into a content area in Blackboard. (Cost: FREE) Did I mention these apps are FREE?

Katherine Spradley
Director of Distance Education
Campbell University