DECIDE Gets Licensed

Wed, 16 Jul, 2014

The DECIDE Quality Certification instructional design rubric, developed by Campbell University, gets licensed.  

The DECIDE Quality Certification rubric was created from a development review process developed by Campbell University in 2004.  The development review was a checklist of items that were required by the University and other items considered best practices.  Over the years, the development review began to take the shape of a rubric to provide clearer feedback to faculty during the development phase of their course.  

Today, the rubric is known as the DECIDE Quality Certification Rubric.  The acronym stands for the Development Evaluation of Course Integrity and Design Elements.  This rubric is used by the University to guide the development and evaluate all blended and online courses.  Currently, Campbell University Online is meeting with two other institutions considering the adoption of the DECIDE Quality Certification Rubric.  

If you are interested in how to adopt this creative commons licensed rubric, please contact [email protected].  


Creative Commons License
The DECIDE rubric created by Campbell University Online is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.