Mobile Apps for Organization

Wed, 20 Nov, 2013     androidapplicationsiosmobileorganizationsmartphonetablet

There are many mobile apps that people are using to help them stay better organized and productive.  Here are a few of the mobile apps that you can use to help you keep your life in order.

Evernote (Android and iPhone)—perfect for quick note taking and archiving to search through later.  Notes can be made using voice, text, or images.  Free app also syncs with Evernote’s desktop and web versions.

Trello (Android and iPhone)—a free web-based project management app (syncs with mobile app).  Uses a paradigm for managing projects and allows for users to keep track over every detail from big picture to minute details. 
*CU Online department uses this for planning and organization.

Asana (Android)—allows you to create, edit, and work on your tasks on the go.  You will be able to receive push notifications, search your tasks, reorder tasks with drag and drop, and add projects to task and tasks to projects.

Launch Center Pro (iPhone)—allows you to create shortcuts for email, web browsing, phone calls, Google searches, and more.  Simple tap-and-slide will allow you to perform actions and more.

Dragon Dictation (Android and iPhone)—let’s you draft emails, notes, and other transcriptions through simple dictation.  Transcribes whatever you speak with good accuracy.

Dropbox (Android and iPhone)—syncing program that allows you to store files in the cloud and access them from anywhere you have a phone signal.  Simple interface and easy to upload and sync to accounts. 

SugarSync (Android and iPhone)—gives you access to your files from multitude of devices including: home laptop, desktop office computer, tablet, etc. 

Genius Scan (Android and iPhone)—turns your mobile device into a portable scanner.  This app enables users to quickly scan documents on the go and email them as JPEG or PDF.

**Please let us know if you know of other mobile applications that we need to add to our list.  Try some of these out and let us know what you think. Have a great day!